Volume 52, Number 6 November/December 2008

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Erosion Control

  • Erosion Control Technologies Restore Historic Reservoir
    Historical 1897 Boston-area park updated.
    , pg. 8


  • Fertile Ground
    As Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in the U.S. increases, geosynthetic waste containment becomes even more important.
    , pg. 12


  • Heavy Rains Test Stabilized Slopes in Warren County
    An emergency situation within the rocky terrain of the Adirondack Parkway, with slopes eroding into the Upper Hudson River Watershed.
    pg. 44

Land Improvement

  • Understanding the Obstacles for LICA to Achieve its Legislative Goals
    LICA’s Legislative Liason, John Peterson, presents a brief overview of the process and the hurdles that lie in the path of federal legislative success.
    , pg. 48

Mine Reclamation

  • Assisting a Major Cleanup
    Reclaiming of land and water impacted by abandoned coal mines in Pennsylvania.
    , pg. 28


Soil Amendments


  • Culver Drive Realignment and Widening Project
    Case study on stormwater elements of a suburban roadway improvement project.
    , pg. 20
  • Stormwater Treatment in a Box Improves Waterfront
    Stormwater system at St. George Sound in Eastpoint, Florida designed to reduce debris, suspended solids, heavy metals and other contaminants.
    , pg. 32

Vegetation Management

  • Everything is Bigger in the Southwest, Even the Weeds
    Arundo donax is listed as a noxious weed in both Texas and California but a few dedicated groups are knocking this weed down to size.
    pg. 40

Wetland Construction

  • Equipment Put to the Test on Wetland Construction Project
    Replacing wetlands disturbed by state’s road construction.
    , pg. 25