November/December 2009


by Kenneth M. Rasch, President Land and Water

Today there are so many things going on to distract us from what is most important. One of the most watched events in our world today is sports - ball games. The winning teams (whether it is baseball, football, basketball, soccer) are always the best at staying focused and keeping thier eye on the ball. Let's just bring that idea into the world of contracting and the kind of work we do. With all the distractions, we must remember to stay focused on the basics. The most important thing that keeps life going is our soil and water to grow food for the world. And that's what we do - protect our valuable natural resources for future generations.

Don't let a slumping economy discourage you so that you lose sight of the ball. Remember the basics in your job. Do quality work. Keep accurate records. Don't bid work to lose money. Be alert of what is going on in your line of work. Diversify. Make customer service a priority. Take advantage of slow times to increase your knowledge. The LICA contractors who answered our survey about how they are coping with the current economy had many different ideas on survival. Many of them are finding they have to change their game plans but they are in it to win! The need to care for our natural resources will never go away - just how we go about it.

Keep at it, don't give up! You do make a difference in this world of ours. Remember what Wyatt Erp said, "Remain calm, and hit the target."