Volume 46, Number 5 September/October 2002

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Conservation Practices

  • Natural Resources Conservation Surges Ahead
    , pg. 51


  • PPI White Paper on Benefits of Controlled Drainage: Central Illinois Farm Reaps Rewards of Drainage Technology
    pg. 34

Effects of Mycorrhizae

Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Fast Track Erosion Protection and Sediment Control at a Mountain Resort
    , pg. 27

Fire Rehabilitation

  • Restoration After Wildfire: Preserving What Remains
    , pg. 54

Lake Restoration

Land Improvement Contractors of America

  • New Wetland Especially for Ducks
    , pg. 38
  • Northeast Iowa LICA Field Day
    , pg. 40

Native Seeds

  • Government Competition in the Native Seed Industry
    , pg. 44
  • Government Responce to Competition in the Native Seed Industry
    pg. 46


  • The Foundation of The Pond Liner & Underlayment
    pg. 16

Soil Amendments

  • Protecting Local Water Resources by Amending Soil With Compost
    pg. 21

Streambank Stabilization

  • Sand Creek Stabilization at Bluff Lake Phases I & II
    , pg. 11

Water Treatment Systems

  • Innovative Crabshell Extract Used to Treat Superfund Cleanup Site
    , pg. 48